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The Winter Adventures of Betty the Confetti Yeti
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Our story illustrated in sugar cookies:

Page 1:

Once upon a time, there lived Betty, the Confetti Yeti. She had lived in Tenleytown with her family - her father, mother, and baby brother - all her life and she was happy. But lately, Betty wondered what was out there in Washington outside of Tenleytown and she wanted to go exploring. It was a big city after all! So one winter day, she packed a bag, all on her own, and decided to go on an adventure....

Page 2:

Her first stop was Fort Reno Park. She always liked the big tower! When she got there, she saw kids passing by after sledding down the hill. Betty decided to make friends the only way she knew how: she rolled up a big snowball and playfully tossed it their way. They dodged her throw, made a snowball of their own and threw it back! All the neighborhood kids joined in to play and it was so much fun! Betty loved making new friends! They even let her borrow a sled so off she went...

Page 3:

She’d never been sledding before, but it couldn’t be that hard, right? So she fearlessly jumped on the sled and raced down Wisconsin Avenue. She quickly got the hang of it but couldn’t believe how fast the sled went! All the cars, and even a metro bus, were honking at her - Betty was so happy so many people wanted to be friends and gave them each a big wave as she passed, spreading festive cheer!

Page 4:

She made her way down Wisconsin Avenue when the spires of the National Cathedral caught her eye! She couldn’t believe how large the lawn was. But with the snow, it was so empty and bare... Betty wondered how she could make it more festive. Suddenly she had an idea. She'll make snow angels! And make snow angels she did. By the time she was done there must have been about 50 of them! She smiled, the lawn was certainly festive now!

Page 5:

Betty was hoping to make even more friends and decided to continue her big adventure at the Zoo! She wondered all the way there what animal friends she would meet! When she walked inside, there was someone selling snow cones! Of course, she couldn't have just one. She had to try all the flavors! Snow cones were her favorite! She loved them so much she wanted to share them with every animal friend she met!

Page 6:

After her snow cone feast, she found the seals! They were playing and having fun in the snow - she wanted to play and have fun too! She carefully climbed up and over the fence, and once she was inside, the seals taught her how to slide on the ice into the water. It was like sledding, but on your belly! So much fun!

Page 7:

It was lunch time for the seals, so Betty had to say goodbye. She wasn’t a fan of fish! So she decided to go on a walk! On her walk she was thinking about how much fun she was having today and the next thing she knew, she had walked all the way to the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool! Betty looked down at the water to see her reflection, but she must have leaned too far, because she fell in! The water was cold but she loved polar plunges, so she splashed around!

Page 8:

Betty was starting to miss home, and being with her mom, dad and baby brother. But there was one more thing she wanted to do! Her new friends had invited her Ice skating in Georgetown and she always wanted to go There! When she got there, she rented the biggest size ice skates they had! Everywhere she looked, kids were skating with their families. She was having fun with her new friends, but she thought about how much more fun this would be if her family were there too.

Page 9:

And with that thought, Betty began to feel home sick! After all, Tenleytown had so many things and people and places she loved! Excited to see them, she ran all the way home.

Past the Reflecting Pool,

past the Zoo,

past the National Cathedral

until she was back home at Confetti with her family. Mom and Dad asked about her adventure, and she told them all about it. They smiled and promised to go ice skating as a family tomorrow!

The End!

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