3 Outdoor Exploration Craft for Kids

One silver lining of the social distancing summer is my children and I have spent a lot more time in nature! During our hikes, my kiddos love to collect pretty fallen leaves and petals, interesting sticks, river glass, and rocks.

We've come up with 3 fun ideas to use these found nature items in crafts.

Nature Bug Collage

Make your very own bug creations using your found nature items, like leaves, sticks, flowers, petals, grass! Start building your bug by gluing items to your base paper to start creating a bug-like shape. Be sure to add a head, antenna, and a body, even wings and legs if you’d like. Goggly eyes, glitter, sequins, and pipe cleaners can also be great additions to customize the look of your bugs. You can draw in a background on the paper or draw in additional bug friends. Adorable and a great use of those outdoor treasures!

River Glass Mobile

We often hike along creeks, and my kids just love to collect "river" glass. If you live by the ocean, sea glass would work too! We make sure the edges are very smooth.

This mobile required some help from me, but the kids were able to play an active role in making it. I used a hand drill to drill 6 small holes in a branch they had found to serve as the horizontal piece. They picked out their favorite pieces of river glass and beads we had around the house, and the order they wanted them strung. I used jewelry wire to wrap each piece of glass in varying directions until it was snug in the hold. The kids then strung the beads on the wire. I tied the wire through the drilled holes, cutting the extra off, except for the center piece of wire, which I wrapped up to make a hanger. Pretty and fun! These make great gifts too!

Animal Rocks

Painting rocks is a tried and true craft activity, yet always sure to be one the kids enjoy. We like to come up with a theme to guide the rock painting and one of our favorites is animals! After painting their masterpieces, my kids like to play with the rock animals in pretend play.

In addition to acrylic paint, goggle eyes, glitter, stickers, sequins, and jewels can be a fun addition!

If you think your kids would like these crafts, check out our online programs and activity boxes, which have even more fun ideas to get their creativity flowing this summer, including out outdoor explorer adventure kit!

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