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8 Ideas to Host a Great Socially Distanced Birthday Celebration

It's clear that the Coronavirus pandemic has altered every day life, and forced us to postpone or completely alter many big events we were all looking forward to: weddings, graduation, vacations, and birthday celebrations. So if you have a big birthday coming up, here are a few ideas to make the Birthday Girl or Boy feel extra special on their big day.

1. Put Up Some Decorations

Even if it's just your immediate family at home, nothing says LET'S PARTY like balloons, streamers, and other decorations to set the mood! Places like Amazon and Etsy even have quarantine-themed decorations, believe it or not.

2. Get Friends and Family Together for a Video Chat

One of the good things about throwing a socially distancing birthday party is the fact that friends and family who would otherwise be too far to make the trip, are

now able to join in on the fun! Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype are just a few video conferencing platforms to choose from. If some of your guests are not as technologically savvy as others, you may want to consider doing a practice run before the big day to make sure everything runs smoothly!

3. Set a Theme

Magical Unicorns, Cowboys, or Pokemon... Setting a theme will really take your party to the next level. And just because your guests are socially distancing, doesn't mean they can't get dressed up in costume! Ask everyone to wear a tiara, or dress up like their favorite super hero by making a cape out of an old t-shirt

4. Watch a Movie Together

The theaters might be closed, but it's easy to bring the Movies to you! Extensions like Netflix Party and Kast let you to sync up with your other party guests to watch the same thing! Complete the look with these cute popcorn holders and some candy.

5. Plan a Drive-By Celebration

This always makes for a thoughtful surprise the the Birthday Star! Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to decorate their car, or hold up colorful posters!

6. Learn to Create Something Together

If your kid loves S'mores and Edible Slime (who doesn't), check out our YouTube Channel, which has step-by-step videos to create your own S'Mores Edible Slime at home! Or try one of the many other food crafts we've created!

7. Play a Game

Just because everyone is maintaining a safe distance and staying 6 feet apart, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a fun game together! JackBox and other similar games are a designed to be played virtually and a great option for any quarantine party

8. Get Neighbors Involved to Celebrate From a Distance

CNN shared a wonderful story about a mother who called on her neighbors to make her daughter's Sweet 16 one to remember. On her birthday, Caroline Herring asked her daughter to go for a walk. And while strolling around, neighbors joined together in song to wish her Happy Birthday.

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it! And if you have other creative ideas to make a socially distanced birthday one to remember, add them in the comments below!

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