A Day in the Life of Pandemic Parenting

Everyone knows it takes a village to raise a family. Nowadays with schools starting the year virtual, and everyone continuing to practice safe social distancing, that village may seem farther away than ever. But it doesn't have to be! We're here to support you and your family by making every part of your day easier and more manageable. Below we tell a story of what could be a day in the life of pandemic parenting this Fall....

It's a crisp September morning. The kind of weather that makes it a great day to walk a few short blocks to Confetti, the local neighborhood play cafe. You give your kiddos a BIG hug goodbye they as run excitedly towards Confetti for the first day at their Study Pod program! They're eager to start the day with their friends and get some much-needed socialization in.

You smile, reminiscing on what a breeze your morning routine was. Today there was no need to spend time packing a lunch or snacks - your children are enjoying Confetti’s healthy offerings!

Before you head home, you want to grab a quick bite to eat. So you head to the Cafe's takeout window for a gourmet coffee, local freshly made juice, and a morning treat. As you're deciding whether today feels like a breakfast burrito or pastry kind of day (you can't go wrong - trust me), your neighbor hops in line behind you and you decide to sit down in Confetti's outdoor streatery and catch up.

Tummy full, and knowing your children are in a caring, supportive environment, enjoying “school,” social interactions, and fun with friends, you head home to begin work... 

After a productive, quiet, and focused work day, you stroll back to Confetti to pick up your happy campers, who can’t wait to tell you about their day, and all the activities they did at the Study Pod and Afternoon Adventure. On the walk you remember your youngest has a small backyard birthday party to attend this weekend and you still haven't gotten a gift. So while the kids gather their stuff together, you check that off your to-do list with one of Confetti's Themed Explorer Boxes.

And knowing you'd want to spend some extra time with family tonight, instead of time in the kitchen, you pick up the take-and-bake dinner you ordered from the cafe to heat up and serve when you get home. After a phenomenal day for everyone, it's time for hugs and the start of a relaxed family evening.

We look forward to helping this story become your reality at Confetti, a neighborhood play cafe!

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