Terra Cotta Spouting Whale Craft

My daughter is fascinated by all things ocean, so we came up with this cute spouting whale craft for her to continue her ocean animal explorations as we summer camp at home.


-1 small terra cotta pot

-1 white pipe cleaner

-Sequins or jewels

-Googly eyes

-Blue foam or paper

-Red pipe cleaner or string

-Liquid glue

-Blue craft paint and brush

  1. Flip terra cotta pot upside down and paint the outside and top blue.

  2. While the paint dries, cut blue foam or blue construction paper to resemble a whale tail.

  3. Cut the white pipe cleaner into thirds, and snip a small 1/2 piece of red pip cleaner or string.

  4. Curve the tops of the white pipe cleaner into coils to form the water spouts.

  5. When the terra cotta pot is somewhat dry (it should absorb the paint quickly), insert the bottom of the 3 coiled pipe cleaners into the small hole at the top of the pot and fold the ends inside the pot to hold in place. Arrange to look like a water spray. Add a little drop of glue if necessary to hold.

  6. Glue sequins or jewels to the coils for extra water-like sparkles.

  7. Use liquid glue to attach the googly eyes and the red pipe cleaner or string to create the mouth.

  8. Line up your tail at the base of the pot and carefully lift the pot to glue the underside rim. Place the pot on top of the tail.

  9. Allow to dry.

Enjoy your spouting whale creation!

You can find these supplies and more craft, science, and cooking ideas to explore the deep blue sea in our ocean explorer adventure kit!

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