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X Marks Confetti!

Janney Elementary School’s Jaguars went on the prowl last month, collecting paw print stamps as they deciphered clues that guided them to destinations throughout Tenleytown and AU Park. The Jaguar Hunt, a Janney Elementary tradition organized by the PTA, brought students to a new final destination— Confetti where they were awarded a paw print cookie!

two children sitting in front of grass wall

At the final celebration, we enjoyed seeing our loyal Janney Jaguar customers and meeting many new friends with them. We enjoyed a festive day as Jaguars and their families discovered our balanced Hello Fun! Meals, explored our games and toys at our family oriented community cafe, and played outdoors on our front lawn. It’s always a great day at Confetti when we get to meet our neighbors - we can’t wait to host.

Tucked behind 42nd and Brandywine streets, Confetti has a unique and friendly neighborhood

atmosphere. Surrounded by several schools and local businesses, we have enjoyed becoming the latest neighborhood hangout for kids walking home from school, neighboring employees to enjoy lunch, small businesses hosting pop-ups, and celebrating events big and small with our neighbors. We’re always excited to add a little confetti and kindness to your life!

Our spacious layout makes Confetti the perfect for hosting events of all kinds, with plenty of treats and goodies to choose from. If you are interested in partnering with us or planning a party, send us an email at to discuss the nearly endless possibilities. We look forward to meeting you

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