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Summer Camps

@ Confetti - 2020 Edition

While we'd much rather host campers in person, Confetti is offering engaging virtual camps and adventure kits to ensure summer fun is still in play for 2020!

Now more than ever, it is essential to stand in support of our community. At Confetti, we are committed to providing an inclusive community celebrating the joy of childhood and building a better world for our children’s future. With this mission we cannot ignore the work that still needs to be done on racial justice and inclusion in this country.


To do our part, we are committing to donating 15% of the proceeds from our summer camp sales to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, America's premier legal organization fighting for racial justice.

Confetti Adventure Camp  $125/week

Digital escape room, magic crystals, and edible slime, OH MY! 


Join us for a hand-on, fully interactive summer adventure camp lead by engaging, LIVE camp counselors.​ Camp runs 1-4pm EST and since camp is held on Google Meet and the Brain Chase platform, kids from anywhere can join us, so tell your friends and family! 


Ideal for 1st-6th graders, camp includes: 

-Time on and off the screen

-Adventure puzzle escape rooms

-Language learning (with Rosetta Stone)

-Hands-on science, art, and cooking projects

-Fitness challenges

-Time to socialize and play games with new friends

-Live counselor interacting with your child

$125 per 5 day session (15 hours of instruction!)


This camp is best suited for children who have a comfort-level with reading independently. Younger campers can participate, but will require assistance from someone at home to engage in the activities.

Confetti Adventure Camp Daily Schedule (1-4pm EST $125/week)

1pm EST    Camp Kick Off - Names & Games (counselor led video conference)

1:15pm    Adventure Puzzle Escape Room (educational computer game with counselor-led video conference interaction and support)

1:45pm    Physical Challenge Workout and Water/Snack Break 

2:00pm    Language Learning (Rosetta Stone program - computer guided learning)

2:30pm    Hands-on Science, Art or Cooking Activity (video instructions for self-directed activity, simple supplies included in weekly supply list)

3:00pm    Typing Challenge (computer guided learning)

3:30pm    Treasure Hunt & Games (counselor led by video conference)

4:00pm    End of Day

Weekly themes:

Adventure for the Quill of Beethoven: July 13-17

Adventure to discover whatever happened to the quill that penned Ode to Joy. Time to become an expert on Beethoven, his works, his contemporaries, and his instruments to solve the mystery!

-Shaving cream cloud experiment

-Sugar crystals experiment

-Create drinking straw pipes

-Make fudge slime

-Craft a cereal box guitar

Adventure at the Smithsonian: July 20-24

Dinosaurs, gemstones, and whales… oh my! This race through one of America’s most treasured museums will put your scientific knowledge to the test. In addition to our online escape room adventures, language, fitness, and typing, we will:

-Conduct a magic milk experiment

-Make sugar cookie fossils

-Create a paper bag dinosaur

-Make edible honey slime

-Craft a Pterodactyl mobile

Adventure to Egypt: July 27-31 

Journey to Egypt in an adventurous quest to recover the missing Senet board of Queen Nefertari! You’ll travel from a ransacked archive room to the busy streets of Cairo, then deep into the tombs of Egypt’s ancient rulers, learning about the ancient culture all along the way. In addition to our online escape room adventures, language, fitness, and typing, we will:

-Learn how to write our name in hieroglyphics and create an ancient scroll

-Make rice crispy pyramids

-Weave a paper mat

-Make gummy bear slime

-Craft an Egyptian collar

Adventure on Mt. Everest: August 3-7 

Adventure to the summit of Mt. Everest to recover George Mallory’s missing camera – and discover if he was truly the first to summit Mt. Everest! Learn more about the earth’s tallest mountain, the basics of orienteering, and some of history’s bravest adventurers.  In addition to our online escape room adventures, language, fitness, and typing, we will:

-Create indoor snow experiment

-Make power bars

-Paint your own rock creations

-Make edible dirt slime

-Craft nature bug collages

Learn more and register in our shop.

Questions? Contact Wendy at 202.550.8380 or

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